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Twif Anti Doping Rules

TWIF Rules Manual 2011

TWIF Organizers Manual 2012

Wales Bylaws

1. Fees

(a) Affiliation Fees  

(i) Full Members and Organisations shall pay an Annual Fee of 50.00

(ii) Individual Members shall pay an Annual Fee of £15.00

(b) Competition Permit Fees

(i) Member Clubs and Member Organisations – included in the Affiliation Fee

(ii) Non-member Organisations - £6.00

(c) Club Registration Fee All affiliated clubs shall pay a registration fee of £1.00 for all their registered pullers. Clubs are responsible for paying the registration fee of any new club members or those who change clubs just for the Indoor Tug of War season.

This scale of fees shall apply until changes by a vote of the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Executive/General Committee.

2. Finance All cash and finance shall be deposited with the Associations Bank in the name of the Welsh Tug of War Association. Sums in excess of that required for the day to day business of the Association shall be deposited with a Share Account of a Building Society agreed by the Executive/General Committee

3. Judges and Timekeeper Recorders All qualified Judges and Timekeeper Recorders within the borders of Wales shall affiliate to the Welsh Tug of War Association as Individual Members and shall be liable for the affiliation fee as shown in Bylaw 1 for Individual Members.

4. Regrading of Judges A regarding committee of five persons, consisting of a Grade One judge as Chairman, the National Coach plus three experienced coaches will meet annually to consider and take action on the regarding of Judges

5. Courses for Judges and Coaches Courses will be set up as and when required. A fee commensurate with the cost of staging the Courses will be payable by candidates when booking the course.

6. Control and Competitions A controller who must either be a Grade One Judge, a Grade Two Judge, a Grade Three Judge or a competent person to run the competition. A Chief Judge will be appointed to take charge of the weighing of competitors and events on the field. He/she will report directly to the Controller. Other Judges and Assistant Judges will be appointed to aid the running of competitions. They will report directly to the Chief Judge. Timekeeper Recorders may be appointed to assist the Controller and will report directly to the Controller. The use of Touch Judges will be confined to Welsh Outdoor Championships only.

7. Open Competitions Open Competitions are those in which bona-fide Amateur Tug of War teams affiliated to their parent body can compete. However, new teams not affiliated to their parent body may be allowed to compete in Open Competitions for that season during which they first compete. Before they may be allowed to compete the following year in any competition under the control of the WTOWA or any other Governing Body, they must be affiliated to the Governing Body of the sport in their own country. Clubs affiliated to the WTOWA shall not take part in any tug of war competitions which are not under the control of the WTOWA or any other properly constituted Tug of War Authority. This rule includes Individual Members.

8. Championships There are two types of Championships which may be competed in Wales, Closed Championships and Open Championships.

(a) Closed Championships are those in which only fully paid members of the WTOWA may compete. In this type of Championship, clubs may only use pullers who have been Registered Members of the Club for at least four weeks prior to the Championship. All clubs shall register their pullers annually on the appropriate membership form and subsequently any change of membership. The Register for this purpose is maintained by the Championship/Records Secretary through whom all club members shall be registered. The Register will be available for inspection

(b) Open Championships are those in which clubs from other countries of which Association/Federation they are fully paid up members may take part. In Open Championships, clubs may be allowed to enter a ‘B’ team, provided that the ‘B’ team is made up of bone-fide members of that club.

(c) See Touch Judges By law 6 also applies to Open Championships In addition to the above Championships, a Youth Championship is also held, entry to which is restricted to Youths whose fifteenth birthday is before the day of the competition and whose eighteenth birthday is after the day of the competition.

9. Judges for World and International Championships All judges who have passed the TWIF International Judges Course are eligible to judge at International Championships, The Executive/General Committee will choose the Judge/s for all World and International Championships.

10. Items for the Annual General Meeting The following items shall appear on the Agenda for the AGM.

1. The Presidents Address and Opening of the meeting.

2. Roll call of late arrivals.

3. To receive apologies for non attendance

4. Confirmation of the Minutes of the last AGM

5. Matters arising from the Minutes

6. Officers Reports (a) Chairman (b) Hon General Secretary (c) Championships/Records Secretary (d) Hon Treasurer (e) Press and Public Relations Officer (f) National Coach 7. Nomination of Tellers 8. (a) Election of Officers for the General Committee (b) Election of General Committee 9. Proposals and Business for discussion and decision already 10. Any other business for the good of tug of war in Wales 11. President/Chairman to close the meeting

11. Weights for Championships Outdoor Championships 560, 600, 640, 680 and 720 kilos 660 kilos Newcomers Championship open to clubs which can field a team of 8 pullers none of whom have previously pulled in an Outdoor Championship under Welsh or English Association rules prior to the Championships. Youth 420 kilos – for teams of six pullers all within the age limits as laid down in Bylaw 2. Indoor Closed Championships 600, 640, 680 and720 kilos Indoor Open Championships 600, 640.680 and catchweight Youth 420 kilos – for teams of six pullers all within the age limits as laid down in Bylaw 87 Welsh AAA Championships 560, 600 640 kilos and catchweight The Welsh AAA Championships is an open event. Weights, which during the current year are to be included in World, European or United Kingdom Championships will be decided by points competition and that, if necessary , to compete the Championships Programme the Outdoor Championships should be decided over two days. All weights pulled at International level shall be pulled at Welsh Championships. (1991 AGM) When Points Competitions are run in the first phase of the Welsh Outdoor Championships, the second phase shall be on a knock out basis. In the case of a two rope competition i.e. winner and runner up on each rope : total four teams.

12. Insurance It is the responsibility of all clubs in the Association to provide insurance cover for all their members against injury sustained while travelling to and taking part in training sessions and returning from training Travelling to and taking part in competitions for which a permit has been issued by the WTOWA or other National Governing Body for the sport of tug of war and returning from such competitions The WTOWA will accept no liability for injuries sustained by club members. The WTOWA shall cover its Officials against injury or illness sustained while travelling on tug of war business, travelling to and from Competitions and officiating at competitions The WTOWA shall take out adequate Insurance cover for all members taking part in International Competition. The WTOWA shall take out insurance on behalf of the Association and all Club Members against Public Liability

13. International Representation Teams eligible to represent Wales in International Competition must have must have competed in at least four WTOWA competitions before the Championships, and at least two after the Championships. Teams winning the right to represent Wales at International competition must inform the secretary of the WTOWA within 7 days of the Championship whether or not it is their intention to represent Wales, and put down a deposit of one hundred pounds, which will be returned after they have competed in the Championship concerned. If the team winning the Championships are unable to compete in the International, the runners up can apply to the Executive Committee for the right to represent Wales. If a team withdraws from competing in an International they would forfeit their deposit. The team to represent Wales should, if possible, be the eight men who competed and won the Championship. If team changes are to be made the approval of the Executive Committee would be necessary. The National Coach has the right to veto the selection of any puller participating as a National Representative if that puller fails to reach a minimum standard of fitness and ability required by the National Coach and approved by a National Coaching Sub-Committee.

14. Award of the International Tie A WTOWA International tie with the International badge motif on it will be awarded to those members selected to represent the country in International, European and World Championships.

15. Anti-doping Rules and Regulations (i) Doping is strictly forbidden (ii) Doping is the use by or distribution to a sportsman or sportswoman of banned substances as defined by the IOC Medical Commission. (iii) Any competitor must, if requested by an Official designated by the WTOWA for the purpose of doping control, submit to a doping control test. Failure to do so will be taken as if a positive test result had been obtained and dealt with accordingly. (iv) The identification of a forbidden substance and/or one of its metabolites or the presence of specified amounts of endogenous i.e. naturally occurring substances subject to quantitative analysis, in a body fluid will constitute an offence and the offender may be penalised. (v) Any person assisting or inciting others in the contravention of doping regulation shall be considered as having committed an offence against the WTOWA Rules and may be subject to disciplinary action.

16.Modification of the Bylaws These Bylaws may only be modified by the Annual General Meeting or by an Extraordinary Meeting convened especially for that purpose.